Student work: How to use Healing Tool in Gimp

Arbeidskrav Gimp

1. Open Gimp. Find an image you would like to edit (in your photo gallery or online), mark it and copy by pressing ctrl + c. Then go back to Gimp, select File -> Create -> From Clipboard to paste your selected image.

scr 1

2. Select Healing Tool. Choose a suitable brush size under Tool Options.

scr 2.png

3. Move the marker to an area in the image you would like to copy from. Select it by holding in the ctrl button while clicking in the chosen area. Use the +/- buttons in order to enlarge og minimize the image while you are working.

scr 3.png

4.  Move your marker to the areas in the image you would like to enhance, and click to copy from the selected area. Repeat until you are satisfied with the result. Adjust the brush size to make sure you get all the details right.

scr 4.png

5.  Don’t forget to save your work while you are editing. Press File -> Save As…

scr 5

6. Name your file and choose location/ folder to place it in. Click save, and then you are done.

scr 6.png


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