Student Work: Animation (.gif)

I started this assignment by creating this gifanimation;

Wendi Gratzbut it didn’t contain my own work. I therefore had to create a new one;

freak out

In this gifanimation I’ve used the chameleon I created in the textile period this fall. I made the face stand still while it’s eyes move independently, like a real chameleon. It makes it look a little crazy, therefore I have also added a psychedelic background.
Crazy eyes, crazy background.

Since it’s not possible to create circular gifanimations (that I know of), I made the space around the image transparent.

 After talking to a classmate, I decided to make some changes in my gif-animation

Maja, crazy eyes

I changed the background to a picture of Orion Nebula, and made the eyes move around instead. A gif-animation only uses 256 colors, so the original has higher picture quality. I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished.

First gif:
Creative Commons License Wendi Gratz – Beep! Beep! pattern cover
Second gif:
Pictures taken by me
Third gif:
Creative Commons License Hubble Heritage – Orion Nebula M42

[Maja FKH1A]

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