Student Work: Poster

I have made a poster for an entirely fictional classic car festival using the image manipulation program called gimp. In this post I will tell you absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about how to make a poster for such a festival, or any other festival of your choice. Enjoy!

Step 1.

Downloaded photo from flickr. Scaled it. Moved it where I wanted it.


Step 2.

Second photo. Set opacity to 50% to see where I should place it. Continued the s-curve composition. Zoomed in. Erased a bit. Also the reflections on the windscreen. Good times.


Step 3.

Merged all layers. It’s risky, I know. Increased contrast. Desaturated all colors except red, as I wanted to emphasize the chasing car in the background and the decals on the Bugatti in front. I like old Buggatis, don’t you?


Step 4.

New layer. Added text. New layer. Used an airbrush tool to visualize some sort of doppler effect on the red car.

This is how the poster came out;


And that’s it.

Photo credits:

 Creative Commons License paPisc

Creative Commons License jaguar MENA

Anders FKH1

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