Student work: Poster

Medieval Festival Poster

The assignment was conveyed to us in the digital media class. It asked us to create a fictional poster for a festival through the image manipulation program, GIMP. My choice was to make a poster for a medieval festival. I found a selection of photos that was inspired from my inspiration-collage.

Three photographs were taken into use in the poster; a castle, the sky during a sunset and a flock of geese.

Process: Castle

Medieval Festival Poster in Process (1)

The castle was cut out using the scissor tool. It was then colored completely black using the paint bucket. The purple sky was then inserted as the first layer, making the castle layer two. Thereafter birds was cut out with help from the magic wand tool and then pasted into the photograph on the third layer.

Process: Merged together

Medieval Festival Poster in Process (2)

On the last layers there where written the festival name and information. The information revolved around what, where, price and when the festival takes place. I also chose to fling a webpage to the poster so it would appear more serious.

Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival Poster Finished

Photo Credits:

Creative Commons License  Nicolas Raymond

Creative Commons License  Mike

CC0  Nemo

by Emil Andreas Tollefsen

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