Student work: Poster

The assignment we got in our digital media class was to create a poster for a cultural festival by using Gimp. I chose to make a poster about the Persian New Year celebration, called Norouz. Norouz is a cultural and traditional festival in Iran.

New Year celebration is something that all families in the entire country celebrate the first day of spring, March 21.

The day before Norouz, we prepare the New Year table. This table is called “Haftsin» which in Persian means “the seven cases that begins with S.” I’ve only used a few of those in my poster.

I chose not to take all the items, but the three things that I think symbolizes the most important thing. Hyacinths and wheat, barley or lentil growing in a dish symbolise rebirth. Goldfish symbolise life.

I used five layers. The first thing I did was to find a photo of a fish, and I used lasso tool to cut out the fish. I placed first all the items into a white background. To the end I changed the background to light blue. I also used “paths tool” to cut out elements from it’s surrounding.

Third layer is a man who has dressed up and has painting on his face. On the New Year celebrations they go out and spread joy and makes people laugh.

Since the inspiration was to make the poster from a collage we made earlier. I took 2 of my elements from the collage. But the composition and size is different.





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