Student work: Poster in gimp. Åsta F.

A poster made in gimp to the fictive festival "Oslo aborginerfestival"

Here is a poster I made in Gimp. The task was to make a poster inspired by a defined group of people. I chose to focus on the aboriginal people in Austalia and make a poster for Oslo aboriginal festival.

I used  Creative Commons to find pictures witch were free to use for adaption.

First i laid a picture of a aboriginal pattern as background and faded it a little bit with the brightness slider to make it less pronounced.


The human figures was separated from their original picture with the lasso tool and pasted into the poster in a layer so that i could move them around independently.


I used word it out which is a online wordcloud-generator. I took a screenshot of the wordcloud an pasted it in to a new layer in gimp. To cut out the white background i used the wandtool and then i inverted the colours so that the writing became white. To get the colour i wanted i used colorify and then adjusted the hue and saturation.


For the headline and the information-details i added another layer and two different text-boxes. I tried to find a writing that matched the wordcloud, bat alas i coulden´t find the exact same. I filled the text-box for the headline with a colour I picked up from the human shapes.

As a finish I adjusted the colours a bit and I shaded i little bit behind the letters to make it more readable.

A poster made in gimp to the fictive festival "Oslo aborginerfestival"


Gwon Gwon gallery reconstruction man woman – Robin Alasdair Frederick Hutton            some rights reserved

Aboriginal art in het atrium – Roel Wijnants                                                                             some rights reserved

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