Student work: poster

For this assignment, we were given the task to edit and make a poster about a cultural festival using the free picture-editing program called GIMP.  My poster were inspired by the indigenous “laplanders” or “sami people”. I wanted to make a cultural event about their traditions. My poster ended up being a teaser for the actual event dated this next summer.

Stage one:

I started out finding a suitable background. After this, I found a picture of a Sami which would signal what the festival was about.


Stage two:

I wanted to get some more nature elements into my picture, so I found two birds and edited to the poster. I felt that this gave the picture better Dynamics. I also wanted to prevent that the sami-man looked like he was flying in front of the mountain. So i edited in a cabin and some grass that would make the poster more credible. 


Stage Three:

I finished the poster by writing the title of the festival in the senter and some short info beneath it.

ferdig plakat 1


[Eirik Ausland Rossen, FKH1C]

Credit Picture:

10859415_10155097579200107_974263488_n Harvey Barrison

10859415_10155097579200107_974263488_n Bertknot

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