Student work: Poster Ingo

I have worked with the program Gimp. My first ‘quest’ was to make an inspirational collage, and I worked with the music metal festival.
I wanted to promote Ozzy Osbourne in my poster. Ozzy Osbourne are the main singer at this festival.


In my first draft I used a picture from flickr. The background photo was taken at the consert area with the familiar Wacken festival logo.


I placed the image of ozzy and changed the correction. I wonted his eyes to steer at the Wacken logo. I erased the edges of the image to make Ozzy a part of the picture.


Then I added the text for my poster. Ossy osbourne is the Prince of the darkness and going to bark at the moon tonight at the Wacken festival.

Plakat metal

Photo credit:
Focka88x31 (1)

cgo288x31 (1)


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