Student work: Poster

We have worked with the free photo-editing program “Gimp”. Our first task was to make an inspirational collage, and I chose to work with the Inca-culture, and used pictures that I took on my trip to South-America this summer. I wanted to keep working with the inca-culture on my poster, but I didn’t want the style to represent a typical Inca-style. I wanted the layout and style to be quite simple, and I focused on having a personal style. I only used one picture of Machu Picchu, and made my own logo. Now I’m gonna show you a few steps of my editing-process:

1. I made the logo by hand, but transformed it with a drawing app on my iPhone, and then opened it as a layer in gimp (I could also have used a drawing-board or iPad).

IMG_8406  Image-1

2. Then I edited and deleted all the unnecessary elements, and transformed it into black.

Skjermbilde 2014-12-08 kl. 21.44.57

3. On the next step I duplicated the layer with the logo, so that I made a copy, and  transformed it to white. I moved the white logo a bit to the left from the black, to make an effect of a shade.

Skjermbilde 2014-12-08 kl. 21.45.06

4. I repeated the black and white from the logo in the lines and contoures on the characteristic buildings of Machu Picchu, that I illustrated as two layers.

Skjermbilde 2014-12-10 kl. 14.55.32

5. In the end I edited the brightness levels on the photography, to make it light, clean and simple. Then I put on a white frame, duplicated the logo to the bottom, and put in some informational text.


Editing & photgraphy by: Veronica Cecilie Knutsen FKH1c

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