Student Work: Poster

The assignment was to create a poster for a cultural festival. I made a poster for a fictive Vietnamese food festival. I used some of my own photos, others I found using creative commons.

In my first draft I used one of my own photos for the background and also a bowl with soup (pho) in the front that I cropped out from another photo. I’ve added light flares at the top with blurry filters, with the intention to set a cosy mood. It got a little bit messy and decided to change the background.











In my second draft I changed the background using the gradient tool and added some text but though it wasn’t very dynamic.












This is my final draft. I’ve changed the picture of soup into a picture of vegetables commonly used i Vietnamese cooking. I made some color and hue changes to the photo so it would match the colored flares at the top. The text is also larger and added shadow so it would pop out from the background.














[Emma Blomberg]


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