Student work: Poster

Our assignment was to create a digital poster for an cultural festival, by using a program called gimp. I chose to make a fictive festival for the japanese culture, that is organized by a music- and culture school in Norway. The festival is supposed to be arranged outside in a park in Oslo called, Frognerparken. Every year the Music and Culture School arranges this festival, but with different themes. therefore I wanted to use elements like trees in my design, mainly inspired by Japans nature.

I started by picking out a bright orange colour for the background wich I think is a good coulor for my poster, because it represents the warm weather outside and it stands out when you walk by it. Also the contrast between the dark and the bright is a good way to get attention on the typographic and other expressions.


In the background I chose a picture of a big japanese tree. I edited it first with the tool “opacity” so it becomes transparent,then the backgroundcolour can be seen trough the picture. And then I used “Treshold” from the colormenu.  The other tree is mine, wich I have drawn.


My original intention was to use few elements and not let anything take to much focus away from the typographical. I added two types of green, one on the mainfont and one in a transparent line. Mainly because I needed space to write down the information about the festival, but I think it works compared with the meaning of the festival.



[Anette K. Melby, FKH1C]

Credit of picture:

88x31 (1) “Maple” by Kloniwotski

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