Student work: Poster

I have, using gimp, created a poster for a dance course.

I started to write the text I wanted to use.

salsa text





I fetched a picture from flickr, using the keyword “salsa” and license “Creative Commons”, and added it to my work.


salsa with picture

Later i added “Mode: Dissolve” and turned the opacity down a bit. I created “Alien Glow” behind the word salsa, and used “dodge tool” to lighten the background behind the rest of the writing.

salsa poster














Note: This is a fictional poster, do not show up at this address hoping to join a dance class. I’m sorry.

Assignment, gimp poster (I think you might need a password for entering the document)



Photo credit:

Creative Commons License mary_gaston22 – salsa

[Maja FKH1A]

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