Student work: Poster

We got an assignment in our digital media class to create a poster for an cultural festival by using the image manipulation program called Gimp. I chose to make a poster of a fictive Mayan festival that is held in Mexico. The first thing I did was to find photos of people from this area and things that can relate to the chosen theme. It was also important that I made sure that the photos were approved for commercial use.

The poster I made is about a Mayan festival where the intension is to learn about the traditions and culture of the Mayan civilization. Families in all ages is mainly the target group for this event. I have experienced the Mayan culture myself and have actually also been at the Chichen Itza temple, where I were truly amazed by the place and its history.

In the first layer, I started out with a night sky covered with stars, as a background. I chose this background because of its simple and beatutiful setting, also because of the Mayans view on astrology.

In the second layer there is the Chichen Itza temple in the Maya Village, where I used “paths tool” to cut out the temple from its surrounding and placed it onto the first layer.

I made a third layer as an extra effect where there is a Mayan man dancing, to get more attention from the audience.

As a finish I wrote a title, details and information about the festival to make the audience understand what it is about.




Credit of pictures

10859415_10155097579200107_974263488_n Nikiko

10859415_10155097579200107_974263488_n Kyle Simourd

10859415_10155097579200107_974263488_n Diego Lema

Caroline Lopez Cueto 1B

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