Student work 2014-15: pin-up convention

We have got a homework assignment in gimp: Make a poster.
Tha poster should be targeting a chosen group of people. I decided to work with the 1950’s/rockabilly, and I wonted to make a poster for the convention for celebrate the pin-up girl!

First i started with a BW photo of a pin-up girl. I used the magic wand and removed the background.

Pin-up without background

Pin-up without background

Than I used the grading tool and made a fading background, from orange to white. I also enlarged the pin-up girl using the scale tool.

Pin-up girl with faded background

Pin-up girl with faded background

Now it was time for informational text, so the viewer would understand the event and the purpose of the poster. For lack of font in gimp, I used Word to create the headline: Pin-Up Convention.

Headline from Word

Headline from Word

I than opened it in Gimp, and removed the background. I changed the colors and added additional informational texts to the poster.

The Pin-Up Convention:

pin-up Convention poster

pin-up Convention poster


Marilyn Monroe:
copyright Ana Carolina Braga downloaded the 10.des.2014

-Pia Marie Næss Johansen

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