Nerd party poster


Join the Nerd Party! This is a fictive event made during a School assesment.I have used Picture manipulating program Gimp to create this poster. I have worked with several layers, and mainly worked with manipulating colour/hue in the process. I have tried to even out the weight in the composition, by placing the Objects with the same ” weight” and size evenly on the background image. I have made the headline quite big, so it is easily understood what this poster is all about. Further below, i explain how you can get more information about the event. I would categorize this as an event poster more than a festival. Is there festicvals in 2080? I’m not certain about that, but I think that the ” lack” of information in this poster, makes us want to visit the fictive website.

Here are some of the screenshots taken while in the process:


Here is the original background colour, which I edited into a colour palett consisting of only one colour. I Used Colour Tools-colorize.

Elements: People.

plakat før hue

This is the two “nerd People” I’ve used in my poster. I changed the colour on both,using Tools-hue saturation. They were quite small as well to start with, so i used the scale tool to enlargen the Pictures. I wanted to stick to the same torquise colour palette as in the background, to make them blend into the background.

– Kristin Augestad

Picture credits:

uncategorized found though Creative Commons:

game consol




Paul ittop


David Nichols


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