Student work: Poster, Kaja Kristiansen

The task in Gimp was to create a poster for a culture festival.

I Choose the Greek Independence Day, the national day, to honour the Greek independence. I have family in Greece and in inspiration from my previous collage with pictures from Greece I started to find suitable pictures (Acropolis, donkey, flag and olives).

bilde prosess


The poster is clean and organised and the black columns, vases and olive branches creates a symmetrical expression in central perspective. I used design elements such as different kind of form – natural forms, man-made forms and verbal forms. The colours compliments each other and I got a good variation between the cold and warm colours. I worked in twelve layers and the nine different forms overlap each other and gives a depth to the poster.

Mainly a have worked with the move tool, doge/burn tool and paths tool. I also put a filter in light and shadow called the hiding sun. This gave the poster a warmness.

I chose to have the text in white on a clean black background to get the message out, loud and clear.

This is my final poster:

plakat gimp

All my pictures are taken from and you are free to copy, modify, distribute and use the images


Kaja Marie Kristiansen

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