Student work: Poster design

I used elements from my collage and developed the poster to promote a fictive cultural festival which is a classical music festival in Paris. I used design elements such as colour, form and lines to create a poster and message in a memorable way to engage the audience. The text is short and conscise, so that the audience easily can see and understand the content. The photos are related to the message.

I have just added colour in the photos to reinforce the visual appeal. Shadows are added but in a descreete way. The photos are organized, and the impression is consistency but loosened with the violin as an organic form. This photo is larger than the rest to quickly catch the audience`s eye.  A “worn out” effect is used in the posters edges to give it a more interesting look. The text is black with a classic font. Alltogether the visual elements are used to create a poster design that is harmonic but at the same time interesting for the audience.

Posted by Cathrine, gr.B,

photos by Cathrine

poster paris

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