Student work : Poster

 Holi Festival

The first task in digital media in gimp was to make a collage. First we started by creating a collage that would be inspired by cultural festivals . So it was not long before I knew what I wanted to do. So I made a collage for inspiration before I continue with the poster. I chose different items from the collage and found some new things. Then I’ve created a poster for Holi Festival, it is a Hindu holiday . It is also called color festival , this is because people throw color powder at each other . In recent years it has been normal to have festivals around the world. Holi is a celebration of creation and renewal. Holi festival marking the start of spring

Holi Festival

Some pictures from the work process:

In select the object I want to optometrists , cut it out and paste it into the background I’ve created

screen 2

Here I create header and a familiar slogan used used on festival

Printscreen 1

Here I make the font in another layer, select it and cut it out. This is because I thought it was easier to control text. Then anchor you created to make it visible screen 3

All the pictures I have used are from flickr via Creative commons.
All the pictures I have used are marked with Some Rights Reserved. 
Mina Zvanut, FKH -1A


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