Student work: Poster


Our task was to create a poster for a fictive festival. First we made a collage presenting a self chosen culture, and afterwards we got the poster assignment. The poster was going to be for a festival in the same culture as the collage

My poster is a Norwegian national costume festival, in Norwegian ”Bunadfestivalen”. I have been inspired by the nature in Hardanger, because to me that’s a very Norwegian landscape. The background and the flowers are from Hardanger. I also wanted to show the difference between the costumes in Norwegian culture, and therefore there are different costumes in the poster. To make it even more national romantic I placed embroidery behind the text. The colours are happy, bright and a little bit like springtime. This gives the poster a happy look, and gives the viewer an association to the Norwegian national day, the 17th of May.

I have used a lot of pictures in my poster, and cut them out and later on put them together in a different combination. Here is an example of how I did the cutting and put it in to the poster:

Bilde 12

Bilde 2

Pictures: Landscape, man, woman1, woman2, flower, embrodery


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