Student work: Poster

Recipe to the poster task:

plakat underveis 1

In this task I wanted to create a poster about carneval. Therefore I started to find photos for this subject that was approved for re-use and publication.

I started up the Gimp program, where the poster should be made using tools available in the program.

First I opened a new page and dyed this with the color HTML notion: 633333. This seemed like a pleasant color that matched well with the carneval theme and the photos I had found.

The images of carnival ladies were then cut out with the Free Select Tool. This is a lasso tool which you can use to higlight your desired item. Then I cut and paste the image to the original page. To get the image to fit, I enlarged it with the Scale tool, then I moved the picture to the desired location with the Move Tool.

I then used the Blend tool to achieve a gradation in the background image, and to obtain that the upper part gets darker and the lower part, where the carneval ladies are, brighter.

plakat underveis 2

To obtain a more dramatic carneval expression, I wanted to use fireworks. The fireworks was set behind the background color image, and I reduced the opacity to the background color so that a glimpse of fireworks came forward.

Finally I finished the poster with text that matched the carnival theme.

Plakat 2

– By Solveig


picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Pivture 4


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