Student Work: Poster

For this assignment, my intention was to make a poster for a culture festival, using the picture-editing program GIMP. The culture I have chosen to promote is the Balinese culture. I decided to make a poster in the format A4. My target audience is the average Norwegian family.

This was my first try on making the poster.

Skjermbilde (2)


This is further in to the proses.

Skjermbilde (3)


By this point, I had almost given up. I was not satisfied whit my own work. So I started all over on a blank slate.

Skjermbilde (4)


Here you see my start of my new poster.

Skjermbilde (5)


This is further in to the proses. I put a different gradient on every lather.

Skjermbilde (6)


This is the only picture I used that was not mine.

Skjermbilde (7)


Here again I used the gradient tool.

Skjermbilde (8)


I had some fun making different shapes and lines for the background.

Skjermbilde (9)


Here is the finished product. I was quite happy whit the poster. In addition, I felt it was unique and eye catching.

plakat 2


By: Gede N. Erik Lauritsen



AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by Jorge Dalmau & Pablo Dalmau Photography







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