Poster- Theater performance


I wanted to make a poster for a theatrical play. To be shown i my hometown.

The story is classic faiytail. King Grey har forbidden all colours. His land is all grey. His daugther is Marie Marionett. She meets Rune, who has the abbility to put colour on everything. There’s a blue witch involved.. a journey and adventure.

I wanted a clean look. Used a colourful background, duplicated the layer, made it grey. Then erased parts of the layer to get some colour back in the poster.

The figures have been cut out of other pictures and pasted in the poster. Informativ text regarding name of show, where and when it is.

Hopefully a poster than will attract people looking for something to do on a friday night.

Featured image

Featured image

Finished product:

Featured image

All pictures are from, no credits needed.

[ Bibbi ]

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