I wanted to make a poster to an art and culturefestival at Greenland. This is a place with  differents landskape.  A destinations for tourtists from many countries. Especially the beatuiful nature and the light. Artists becomes inspirated there for paintings. My inspiration is my niese, who lived there from a long time. She worked at the hospital there. Many Pictures from here time there, she posted on Facebook. Colors, the nature with the sea ,the heaven, glaciers, ice – bears, and some historic is typical elements. This elements is important for me at the poster. First I begin with  light blue color, and then I paint whith paintbrush, white color, and light blue. I create the poster with differents pictures  from  Google -seek. This pictures is approved for copying, and no credits needing.  I took two pictures from the Gimp process. Some of this pictures, is art and historic. I pasted a map too. This posts message is art and culture, and I want that the public will be curious about Greenland.

Gimp proseesbilde 1

Gimp prosessbilde 2


[Karina Bekkevold]

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