Student Works: Poster

nissevandringprint screen1 printscreen2

Task: Gimp collage

The task was to create a poster for a cultural festival with a defined target audience. I have created a poster to a childrenfestival.






The inspiration was trolls, goblins, moonlight, Christmas and darkness. It should arouse the curiosity of children, something exciting and a little scary. We are in a time where most children look forward to Christmas and before-Christmas events is always a hit! The poster was created as a collage, with items to hit my target. I have worked with in depth image, children are able to understand that they should be on a journey, and they led from the left in front, to the right into the picture. The colors are deliberately hold soft and blurred that children can use their imagination for the trip into the woods.

The images are taken from (all rights) and (labeled for reuse, as amended)

Jenny Rosenquist, fkh1-c

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