Student work: Poster

For our first assignment in digital media I made a Great Britain collage.Therefore, it was easy for me to narrow it down to London when we got our home-assignment.

My intention was to make a poster for a culture festival, using some of my own pictures that I’ve taken some years ago on a trip to London. I targeted this poster to average Norwegians, because they travel a lot to London all year around.

Starting out, I used a picture of the roof in British Museum for background and put a variety of different pictures from Flickr and taken by me on top.  I quickly gave up this first draft because the design was too disorganized.

Poster first attempt

After my first attempt,  I started thinking of how I could organize the poster so the audience immediately would understand the concept. This time I started with a big picture of the Union Jack flag, and adjusted the colors so they became brighter. The next layer is a paper texture, which gives a nice monochrome background for cultural festival andre utkast

As you can see on the finished poster, the second time around I made it much more organized. All pictures are found on various Flickr accounts, except from the Queen, Sherlock Holmes and the little burned paper pieces that I drew by hand and photographed for this assignment.

london cultural festival

I’ve used the coloring, scale and wand tools mostly, but I also tried out more tools to learn how they work.

By: Oda Heiland Hansen



Teacup:Jocelyn & Cathy .



Max Stanworth

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