Student work: Poster

The task the teacher gave us was to create a poster based on an fictive cultural festival, and we did this in Gimp.

In this student work of the poster, I have been working with forms and lines. I have been focusing on humans to express motions and to communicate community. In the process I have also been working with nature, in different settings like forest, mountains, and at last I ended up with sky, and stars. The reason why I ended up with sky and stars is that I saw that the forest and mountains did not feet inn with the rest of the picture, it did not give the impression that I wanted for this poster.

I also wanted to put in a cross to express even more the purpose of the festival.

The people in the poster I cut out with a scissors tool, and the same for the cross. The background is just a layer that I put behind all of the layers.

If I was more experienced I think I would work even more on the editing of the layers. But this is what I ended up with.

This is pictures for some of the process:

In the prosess

In the process

And then the result of the poster:


Credits of picures:

Lisens      Aikawa Ke

Lisens      Len Matthews

Lisens      Claudia Regina

Lisens     Chris-Håvard Berge

[Christina Tønnesland 1B]


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