Student work: Poster

The task was to create a poster promoting a fictive cultural festival using Gimp.

First I wanted to make a children’s cultural festival, but narrowed the theme to a children’s art festival.  I called the festival “Step by step – Children’s artfestival”, according to an idea that the children attending will be learning step by step and that they can attend no matter at which step they are at the moment.

As a background I used an appropriation from a painting showing  a child’s footsteps and a girl with a skipping rope made by a child. The color-scheme of the poster reinforces the colors in the painting, and by putting the title right onto the background I try to make it work together.

To stress the importance of time and place I made colored textboxes. Black letters in the text are used to make clear that this is formal information.

Screenshot 2014-11-29 23.19.39

Color-pencils are familiar to most children and by using them I want to stress the fact that this festival is for all children. The historic photos are meant to share some of the atmosphere and joy of participating.

Screenshot 2014-11-28 22.46.08

The message is for children and their parents, as the grown- ups often are the ones making plans for their young ones. By using elements appealing to both groups I try to make them work as a Whole.

Gimp - plakat - H 2014_1200px

Photos: Swirl-pictures: Pixabay Girl painting: Pixabay Appropriated painting and photos: Ann Merethe Eikanger

[Ann Merethe – 1c]

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