Student work: Gimp Poster- Caroline Rebollar


Gimp prosess 2

Here i used gimp free select tool and later i used Crtl+C to copy the cropped picture to the collage.

Spanish music festival

 Collage sluttprodukt:

Lenken til gimp oppgaven er nedenfor.

Gimp oppgave

Spanish Music festival

I choose a black background color and warm colors such as red, orange and yellow for the cropped picture.

I then tried to make negative and positiv space by using contrast of color such as light and dark. Where the warm light colors would stand out in comparsion to the black background.

I also used geometric flat forms to create illusion of volum and depth in the collage.

This was so the collage wouldn’t look so flat and have perspective.

I also tried to add shadow to few of the forms.

The last i think the use of warm colors in the collage gives a sense of energy and optimism that is definitely needed in a Music festival. The color red and yellow is also the color of the spanish flag.

Credits of picures:

Creative Commons-lisens
Red Rose – HD Wallpaper av Mike Krüger.

Creative Commons-lisens
grape av Fernando Stankuns
Creative Commons-lisens
Paso Fino at GrassRoots 2014 av Mark H. Anbinder
Creative Commons-lisens
Caribbean beach series .. Cuba av Nick Kenrick
Creative Commons-lisens
Fireworks av Dilexa>
Creative Commons-lisens
Wines I’m liking 35 of ? – Chateau Capitoul – Grande Vin du Languedoc – 2010 av TempusVolat
Creative Commons-lisens
Flamenco Dance av Brendan


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