Student work – Task: Minimalism – Maximalism – The effects of using formal elements in three – dimentional work.

Forside fordypning 2

I explored the clays possibilities in plasticity, and researched by sketches the effects of using more and less formal elements in my objects.
Could the clay be formed as other materials, like textile or paper?

Eva Hild’s works, especially her objects “Breaking up”, Josef Albers and origami were great sources of inspiration.

My final results are different stages of origami.
The most minimal is a very simple object. No structure. No color. It is just a clean square that is about to be folded as a paper predictor.

The other object was an origami-swan. It only has structure at the rear feathers, using a crochet piece to make the pattern. The curved lines and by using glossy glazing stresses the fact that this is not paper, but in fact a ceramic object.

[Ann Merethe]

FKH – 1c

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