Studentwork; Gimp by Bendik!


Gimp is a free image-editing and drawing program. This is my reply to the gimp task I were given. You can see the task here.

I wanted to make a dreamy collage, by using the smudge tool that you can find in gimp as my main tool. This was because its an incredible tool, that let you do small to drastic variatons. I basically started with this random picture, because it had a white background and was easy to smudge. I also changed the colors to a more grey/brown, to soften it up.


( ) I do NOT have permission to use this photo, therefor im uploading this link.

After I had smugden this out, to make it look absurd, and as far away from the base I started with, I wanted to add something more, like a filter. I found a photo of bubbles( ) and added this over the whole photo. You can see this photo and the rest of the photos if you scroll down, they are in right order. I used the opacity button to make this more transparent, so you could see both layers.

At the end, I chose to use a selfdrawed picture of a cactus, because I thought that a cactus which has spines, matched the smudged hand which also was very spiny and sharp. I chosed to place several cactuses on the bottom and on the side, to make the expression more surrealistic and absurd. I also changed it to grey to match everything. I could also have smudged it out, to make the whole picture more complex, but I wanted to have some type of contrast.

Gimp is a good beginnerprogram, as you have many of the same tools as more expencive programs like photoshop.


Bendik S.



Soon finish:


Finish photo! :

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