Student work: MIR – by Linn Riktor Johansen

I wanted to create a contrast between the chaotic nature of our
planet and an external, peaceful realm.

I cut out buildings from photos on Flickr and placed them along the horizon of the sphere. The sphere had its own layer, while the buildings were given two. 

I added the Moon as a foreground layer, then ovalized it using the scale tool. I added a picture of the Universe as background, and adjusted the contrast in order to make it seem darker, while still retaining the contrast coming from the light emitted from the stars.

The man and the dog were added to emphasize the comfortable lonesomeness one would feel standing on such a satellite, glancing at a busy world. I used the clone tool to adjust the placement of these two features. 


The Earth is full of buildings and people and responsibilities,
but the moon is peaceful and allows the Man to play fetch with
his dog. 
The letters in the center of the picture are in Russian and reads
‘Mir’, or ‘Peace’. I made the choice of including these letters
due to our collective association of the word Mir to space.
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