Student work: Family and Fall, by Karoline Grefslie

 Gimp Collage

Have worked with this collage in GIMP. Have only used pictures I have taken myself, these photos were taken when I was on a family trip to Beitostølen this autumn.

This is the final product


Have focused on nature, autumn colors and family. Autumn is the season I think is the prettiest, there are so many nice colors outside and the mood of the scenery is nice. Family means a lot to me, and therefore I chose to show this in my picture. (as we were traveling together).

First process picture


Have placed persons in the image to the left, this is because I think the view of the mountains on the right side on the image was nicer. It also felt natural to me to put it on the left side. I would emphasize warm autumn colors and nice scenery, not to mention my wonderful family. There are horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines in the image. There are warm and cold colors, mostly warm. There are also complementary colors as orange and blue, and red and green.

I have attached two nature pictures. A scenery picture and a photo where the trees go inward a road, the leaves are red, yellow and orange. These pictures I have scaled so they were equal in size. Then I adjusted the “opacity” of the images, so they appear through each other. At the forefront of these images I edited them, so I got up contrasts, colors og light.

On the pictures of my family, I have used some different tools, have used «cutting» tool in GIMP, I marked around the person I wanted out, then cut and pasted into the background images. In the picture of my brother, his children and my sister in law, I just copied the image into Customisable photo and then sanded out what I did not want in the picture. The image of my mother, I cropped her out of another image and pasted her for plastered out there I would not have to. I have also edited the “opacity” of the people. I did´t want them to be so sharp.

Second product picture


I have also added a text where I have “explained” what the image is about, season, theme, year, etc.

– KarolineG

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