Studentwork 4 Gimp: The Hall

The Hall is made in a image-editing program named Gimp, which is free to download from internet. It all started in the hall with the ceiling fans. Read more about the assignment here; Task 4: GIMP Collage


It continued with the red shoe in reduced size (scale tool) and make more shoes  (copy and paste), and by using the rotate tool it could be turned into a fan-like figure in the ceiling. The red shoe is cut out by using the scissor select tool, and “cleaned it” with the quick mask tool.  


 The same process is used on the other figures, as the men in hooded gowns and the image of a dog-statues head. Including the flip tool here. While the water is cut out with the rectangle selecting tool. To make the water flow through the hall, the perspective tool was used. The color is adjusted in color balance tool, also using the light and saturation-adjustments. To balance the colors contrast and shadows, the curve tool was in use.


The cold light in the hall and the stone-colored men in hoods is both in contrast and complimenting towards the red shoes and the one red dog-headed man. None of the elements except the water in the hall,  is living elements. But in the shadows some of them may look alive anyway…

The hall in process, and all the original photos is made by:


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