Student work: “Safari in New York”

Photo editing in Gimp

I decided to make a collage with inspiration from Africa and the “big city- life”. I chose to put these two different cultures together, and call it “Safari in New York”. I´ve only used my own pictures. You can read more about the assignment here: Task 4- GIMP Collage

At first I found a landscape image from Norway, which is the background image in the collage.

The next image is the skyline from New York. I cut out the skyline by using “scissors select tool”, and then I placed the skyline above the landscape image. You can still see a bit of the mountains and the ocean. I´ve made the skies a little pink.

Then I found a landscape image from Kenya, which I placed in the front. In this image there was only a tree, a lots of musk ox from a distance and some bushes. I decided to put in more animals in the collage to recreate the safari in Kenya. So I cut out an elephant, a giraffe and a monkey from some other images I had by using “scissors select tool”, and placed them in the collage. I also cut out a safari car, and put it behind all the animals and the tree.

I chose to make the landscape image from Kenya orange, and the tree a little pink so that the tree would connect with the skies, which is pink. I changed the colors in “colorbalance”.

I´ve been working consciously with the colors, to make the collage interesting. There is a line between the skyline and the safari image, which create balance.

– Kaja

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