Student work: “Elephantastic”

This last week I have been getting to know Gimp. When working with Gimp I have manipulated pictures; by color, size and composition. If you would like to know more about my assignment, follow this link: Task 4 – GIMP.

This picture started out like this:


It is just a plane picture of a beach in Thailand.

I added elephants that I had copied and extracted from other images.

I used scissors tool and painting tools to get a smooth shape on the elephants. After I pasted them in the picture I changed their sizes and expressions by using the moving tools, turning tools and scaling tools. I also reinforced the color on the two elephants in the front of the picture by selecting “color” from the toolbar; I then chose to regulate “hue and saturation”.

innlevering, delvis

To get the sky with the transparent elephants, I lowered the coverage on the elephant-picture to 30.0.

This is my final picture!


-Josefine Berger

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