Student work: Collage in Gimp

It was the first time i used the program Gimp when I got this task 4 .

In this task i wanted to make something surrealistic and abnormal, so i desided to use an old volkswagon Beetle and used tires to make something new and kind of beautiful.


I started out with a blue sky as a background and then I used the scissor select tool to cut out the huge pile of tires and put it in the picture as a green field.


The other tools i used in this task was: Move tool, rotate tool, scale tool and flip tool. And as you can see i got to use them alot! I rotated the same car to make petals and i used the scale tool to adjust the different sizes that i wanted. I used the flip tool on the second flower in the picture to make some variety. And in the end i changed the colors in the different layers using hue-saturation and colorize.

And this is my final product:


Pictures i used:

VW Beetle – ErokCom
ellow Tire – bmb
Blue sky – Lovell D`souza
Pile of tires – Harald Groven
Tires 2 – Eric Castro



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