Student work: Pop pig, by Pernille

GIMP is a photo-editing program we use at school. This the first time I have used GIMP to make a collage. It was a bit difficult to understand at first, but when I tried and failed, I learned a lot.

My inspiration is autumn. The color and leaves is very characteristic for this particularly time of the year.

I started on the background, a mixture of two pictures representing autumn and continued to work with contrast and brightness. Then choosing witch layer I would prefer to have as a base and witch I would use as a top layer as an effect to the picture.


Background layer 1


Background layer 2

I cut out a car, tow people and a pig and tried to put them in a composition and see where they fitted and makes a story. Because of the different color ratio in the separate pictures I made several adjustment to make them all fit in the same picture and color range.

Car with people

Car with people



The leaves and the colors is the inspiration from autumn. The car, people and the pig are clearly clipped out from different pictures. I wanted to leave the rough edges to create a humoristic touch, with a reference to pop art.  The picture is set to have a warm feeling. The car, people and the pig makes up the foreground and the background is more abstract, covered in leaves. The color Red is repeated and represents autumn. The leaves are added to make texture to the picture.

Final product. All layers put together

Final product. All layers put together

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