Student work: The secret life of ladybirds, by Linn Kristin

This is a collage I made in the photo-editing program Gimp, this was my first time using Gimp.  It was also our first school assigment in Gimp, wich you can read more about  here: Task 4: Collage in GIMP . I wanted to create a small, surrealistic, ladybird society.

I have used the Scissors Select Tool to cut out elements from different photos. I then placed them in different layers on top of my forest background, so I could move them around. I changed the colors on some of the photos by adjusting Hue-Saturation. I changed the size of some of the elements using the Scale Tool. I also changed the angle of them by using the Rotate Tool and Flip Tool.


I started placing some ladybird houses on a diagonal line.  The chessboard in the foreground is placed on top of the background as a layer, and then made transparent by lowering the opacity.


Here I have added some more trees and a couple of ladybirds to create more life in the collage. The bright red of the ladybirds creates a nice contrast to the more cold colors.


This is my final result! I ended up adding some amanita mushrooms, to repeat the red color of the ladybirds, and to create more balance in the composition. All in all I used 7 diffrent photos, most of them I found on Flickr.

Photo credits:

Ladybird – Gordon Wrigley 

Chess – sacks08

Background/Forest – follc

Old tree – Mike

Ball tree – @Doug88888

Mushroom – Von Fumetti

Hope you like it! 🙂


(Posted by: Linn Kristin Selvik)

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