Studentwork;To make a collage in Gimp

A collage is an assemblage of different elements. In my task to create a collage I found inspiration from architecture, the season we are in now, fall, and from nature.
I made my collage in a program called Gimp; the collage is therefor made by several digital images/elements. Gimp is a graphic image manipulation program that you can download for free on the internet. It is an open source program.

The background image I used as a starting point in my collage, is a photo I have shot in a district in Oslo called Bjorvika. The reason I chose this area of the city is because there are alot of skyscrapers here. I wanted to use vertical lines to try to give the impression of strength and power in the image. An attempt to create a lot of dynamics. Vertical lines are more active and dynamic than horizontal lines as design elements in an image.


I also tried to create an interesting contrast with leaves that fall in an opposite direction , downwords, and the contrast between a harsh architecture of the city against drawing leaves; warm nature. The reason why I chose the color sepia on the background photo of the tall building was to soften it up. I assumed that looked better among with the other elements in the collage.

I worked a lot with the leaves layers and I used several tools in the program like bucket fuzzy select tool; select a contiguous region, free select tool, eraser tool, different sizes of brushes when I used paintbrush tools, invert tools,
perspective tools and scissor tools. I also had to duplicate the layers several times.


Kind regards, Katarina

© katarina huser

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