Student Work: Red riding hood

GIMP is a photo-editing program we use at school.
This project was my first time using GIMP and this is my first collage.
I worked on the idea of fairytales, red riding hood to be more precise.
I started out with a background of a forest, it was quite light so I used “Adjust Brightness and Contrast” to darken the picture, but I wanted to keep the color.
Now I needed my red riding. I used the “paths” tool to trace her and copied her so I could insert her in my forest.
Now I needed to size my red riding so she would fit into the picture using the “scale” tool. (Remember to click on the chains!) (Also remember to make her into a layer.)
Most important to make her blend into the picture was to make the colors right. I used the “Hue and Saturation” tool, clicked on the “red” because it was the red I needed to change the most. I made her slightly more yellow, a little more grey but I still wanted her cape to be the most visible color in the picture.
Now it was time for my wolf: Again i used the “paths” tool to trace my wolf and copied him into my forest.
As you can see, the wolf was way to big, so I used the “scale” tool once again to make the wolf the right size. I also used the “move” to find a fitting spot for him.
As with red riding I needed to colors to match, but my wolf was originally in grey-scale so I needed to give him some color, great thing I had the “colorize” tool where I like my red riding, made him more yellow, a little more grey, but didn’t make him “pop” as much as my red riding.

Finished project:

All pictures found on Flickr:
Premade Background by rubyblossom
OR5K5930 by Ronald Tan
Lakota Wolf by BartNJ

[By Cathrine Sofie]

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