Student work: Gimp collage by Tone.

“Seasons changing” is a collage I made this week using Gimp. Gimp is a free image-editing program that you can download. You can see the task here. I started out with a photo of a tree. I used the scissor select tool to remove the background and replaced it with new ones. I also tryed out different brickwalls and made various selections to get a contrast frame and add depth to the collage.

Processimage 1

Process image 1

Process image

Process image 2

I cut out people, a branch and a background tree using the scissor tool. Adding them in different layers made it possible to move each object around separately. To put everything in proportion I used the scale tool. I adjusted the colors hue and saturation from bright green “summer” in front, to red, pink and orange “fall” in the back. This is my final collage:


“Seasons changing”

All photos from Flickr:

Tree, Bricks, Couple, Sky, Sky 2, Branch, Bakground tree


[Posted by Tone S Søgaard]

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