Student work: Collage in Gimp

This week we have been presented with an assignment that requires us to create a collage using the graphical computer software GIMP. GIMP is a free image-editing software.

I initiated the assignment by performing an online picture-search, mainly within Flicker. Further on, I tested and tried the various tools within GIMP that we have been thought during lectures. Feel one’s way – the only limit is your own imagination!

Here are the various samples:
9          8

3          6
I chose to use a background-picture displaying the nature with a track running in the middle. I have then added a picture of the rain and changed the opacity settings to make it transparent. I made use of the fuzzy select tool and path tool to cut and add the girl and bench.  I tried to create different expressions by experimenting with the smudge, flip- and scale tools as well as various color tools.

I chose to proceed with the picture I preferred the most.
Here I am using the same tools plus the blend tool.
5         1   

2          4

Here I present the finished collage. Beauty is in simplicity!Skjermbilde

(Posted by: Elzbieta Gaudek)

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