Student work: Collage by Kristina

Gimp is a program for editing photoes and for making animations. Gimp has a lot in common with Adobe Photoshop, but it is a bit easier programe. Gimp is also a totally free program that you can download here.

My task was to mak a collage in gimp. I chose autumn as a theme.

To create a feeling of autumn i choosed to focus on colours you see outside in october and november like red and brown. I also wanted to use things that you see outside like dead and brown flowers, mushooms and birds on naked branches.

First I found a non copyrighted background picture on

By using Paths tool I cut out autumn leaves from two different pictures. Then I created two new layers on top of the backround picture and placed the leaves in each layer.

After that i changed the picture size and plasement. I gave the leaves smoother eges by using Eraser tool. I inverted one picture by using Flip tool.

Then i cut out dried flowers and different mushrooms and placed then in different layers.

In the end i Cut out a bird sitting on a naked branch. Ilet the branch go from oneside of the picture and over to the other side. I did this to create a feeling that it all stick together.

I the background i used the filter glas tile to create a more unclear background. A more calm bacground make the elements in the picture more visible.

All pictures from

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