Student work: collage by Ingvild

This task was to make a collage in gimp.

gimp oppgave 1

I have used a piano as background. My thought is to create a visual melody in the image. I added a stormy sea over the left corner, and used the smudge tool to smudge the sea up to the piano keys to make it appear as if the sea is breaking on the piano, this I have done to create life and drama in the picture.

gimp oppgave 2

In the second picture, I
used scissor select tool, followed by the quick mask, and cut out different
hands and pasted onto the background. I have used smaller hands with a lot of
movement in the back, and bigger hands with little movement in front, to create
a natural look and perspective. I have removed the color to create purer expression,
and to show this is an illusion, not someone who plays the piano.

gimp oppgave 3

In the third picture I have
laid on a yellow line to imagine a  path
in the music.  I have chosen to retain
the yellow color as a line in the image. That also makes the picture playful
and magical. The yellow line is eye catching, but do not overpower the other
components in the image. To get the illusion that the yellow line is going over
and under the hands, I drew the howl line over the hands and used eraser tool to
erase the points I wanted to go under. Finally, I have an almost transparent
film of notes at the top of the image, to create harmony

Ingvild Fitjar Lunestad

All pictures found on and


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