The theme for my picture is daydream. Instead of using only 3 pictures for the collage, I ended up using 15 pictures.

I worked with layers and cutting tool from different pictures to only get the upper bodies and heads in the first picture.

prosessbilde 1

In the second picture I put in the background elements, using layers, rotate and scaling tools.

prosessbilde 2

In the final picture I put in more background elements and used the blur tool on everything before using the smudge tool and the colour tools to make the people slightly grey.



malfet_Member since 2006

Taken on July 15, 2009

lindsay.dee.bunnyMember since 2007

Taken on August 22, 2009

Member since 2005

Taken on April 14, 2013

raymacleanMember since 2008

Taken on May 23, 2012

dimnikolovMember since 2009

Taken on June 13, 2010

jpcolassoMember since 2007

Taken on April 12, 2008

Lucas JansMember since 2005

Taken on December 2, 2005

Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, VN

Alex PănoiuMember since 2009

Taken on August 18, 2010

Ghencea, Bucharest, Bucuresti, RO

NASA Goddard Photo and VideoMember since 2008

Taken on September 24, 2013

TYLERHEBERTMember since 2011

Taken on August 4, 2013

NASA Goddard Photo and VideoMember since 2008

Taken on April 7, 2011

Member since 2010

Taken on August 19, 2012

Member since 2005

Taken on June 12, 2010

katmaryMember since 2008

Taken on March 25, 2011

Georgina Smith PhotographyMember since 2011

Taken on October 28, 2012

Nash Mills, England, GB

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