collage task student work


This is a task in gimp image manipulation program

I used first a nother background, her you can see a working progress.

gimp eks1

Final collage:

collage task student work

The background photo is one of my own, and the tow next one I got from a web site named: flickr.
I started out with a leaf to indicate the time of the year: autumn. I played with curves and saturation tool to get the right collars. Then I added this bird as a shadow, mostly because I did not want it to steal all the attention from the collars in the background. And I thought that by using its shape as a shadow you focus on the lines more and makes an illusion of a bird, with no feeder texture.
I was trying out filters and came across this blurry filter that makes the images seems like they lies under water. I used this filter on the background since it did not disturb the collars and at the same time makes the straw layer blending in fine.
In the text “bird shadow” I used autumn collars and drop shadow in a way that made the text stand out from the background but not take too mouth space.

Creditor Kjersti magnussen and Eira M.

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