Student work: Fall Inspiration

Those dark and cold days are finally here again. Snuggle up with a wool blanket & drink a cup of cacao while reading a good book. Maybe those long & dark days might feel a little brighter.

Collage_Fall_Inspiration_final2This collage was put together using GIMP, a program which in you can edit photo’s. Here you can find the task we got at school. I used both my own photo’s and photo’s I found on Flickr (see links on the bottom of the page).

I cut out small elements of all the photo’s and put them together using different layers for each element. I mainly used the Free Select Tool. Of course some of the elements we’re rather small or large. To fix this I selected the layer that needed to be resized, and used the Scale Tool. Other elements, like the book, we’re rotated using the Rotate Tool.

I tried to create a whole picture by using images with the same colors that reminded me of fall season. To break all the product elements I put circles in the background containing images of nature and textures.

Click on these work in progress shots to see how I got to the final result:

I got the photo’s from these people (the rest of the images are my own):

Cinnamon Roll – Suzette Pauwels (Flickr)

Clouds – Conrad Kuiper (Flickr)

Leaves – Andrew Smith/Somenice (Flickr)

Mountains – Dru! (Flickr)

Window – Curtis Gregory Perry (Flickr)

Wool Socks – HiddenHeartHandmade (Flickr)


Creative Commons License

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