Student work: Collage by Ane

This week we have been working with Gimp, where we have used the program to edit the color, cut in pictures, and much more. This is the first time I use Gimp, but I’ve worked with Photoshop before.

This task: TASK 4

Here are two pictures of my process:



In my process I have used Scissors Select Tool, Paintbrush Tool, Eraser Tool and overlay. I used an invisible mask to bring back the image of the girl, so that the birds are the same colors as the person. Then I brought back the picture using bird brushes and erase tool. I’ve used Color Tools to give my picture a dreamy and nightly color. I spent a lot of blue and reddish color, which gives us a cold and warm contrast. The Moon gives us a balance between the moon itself, feathers and birds, and the text on the bottom. This provides a comfortable balance in the image.

And make the picture pleasant to look at.

This is how my result became at the end:



* I also used a glossy effect, to give the picture a soft look.*

To find the photos i have been using, click the links:

1.  Afternoon sky

2. Trees

*I chose not to use the picture of the trees in my final picture*

3.  Moon

4. The picture of the girl is by me.


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