Student work: Collage “Ice cream” by Amalie

This week we had an exercise where we was supposed to make a collage in an editing program called GIMP. It´s my first time using this program, so it was really fun learning to edit photos, and I have learned very much during this process.

Here are two photos from the process:


I did use many different tools, like “paths tool”, “dodge tool” and “healing tool”.

The “paths tool” I use to cut out the figures from the original photos. I use the “dodge tool” to light up the background and the “healing tool” to remove pieces of a tree, which were in the middle of the deers face.

This is how my finally result looks like:

Skjermbilde 2013-10-21 kl. 22.37.13

To find the photos I been using, check out these links from flickr:

“Background” by sheilaellen

“Deer” by jonnnnnn

“Thinking bubble” by Chicago art Department

“Ice Cream” by TheCulinaryGeek

“Background inside of the thinking bubble” by b_lumenkraft


Love Amalie

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