Student work: Baby and tomatoes

Use of digital tools in Gimp

In Process

In Process

To adjust colours, I have altered colour balance and levels of hue and contrast. For example, I have lightened and chaged hue of the background. I have altered the colour of the originally orange tomatoes. I have enhanced the contrast of the clock and black dottered pattern of a stepping box.

To make selections, I have used the circular and rectangular selecting tools, as well as the lasso. This way, I could cut out and paste and repeat dotted patterns, tomatoes and feathers. I have made selections of all image parts except the concrete wall background and worked with them separately in layers. When I had seperate elements, I could easily adjust each object and move them around.

in prosess

in prosess

To make the feathers look light and in motion, I repeated, rotated and scaled each feather which I had pasted into the composition.

In the process, I tried using a filter called “cubism” on the black dots, which made a fun expression but not exactly what I wanted.

To add some more texture and a finishing touch to my image, I experimented with different brushes and wrote the text “Made by Tøri”.

“Made by Tøri”

final produkt

final produkt

This playful collage was composed by a number of photos which I shot in the kitchen, plus a feather image from the Internett, and a photo of my grandchild Anna, shot by photographer Christine Wendelborg.

Image credits (no copyright agreement):
White feather image by Craig Jewel
Baby image by

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